ASMR trend helps with relaxation

Did you know that Fidget toys have been proven to improve well-being? Increasing a sense of calm and relaxation in situations where you might be finding it difficult to sit still or stay focused. Scientists have realised that the sensory sensation of using a fidget toy activates and stimulates different areas of your brain.

Slime and ASMR the perfect combination

Playing with slime is a fun and creative activity which can allow you to express your creativity. There is nothing quite as satisfying as opening up a fresh packet of readymade slime and starting to stretch, squish and squash the colourful mixture between your fingers.
Our Fidget Slime Kit offers two exciting sensations; colourful ready-made slime and fidget accessories to mix together and create an additional sensory experience. With four colourful slimes to choose from you can let your imagination go wild mixing different combinations. Once you have squished the colours together you can add in the fidget toys, now your hands will feel the different textures and sounds, getting that complete ASMR experience!

Creative and Calming

Selecting and mixing clear slime with different fidget accessories can activate new parts of your brain, watching and feeling different sensations which help you to maintain a calm balance. For an instant ASMR sensation our Fidget Pop Slime collection is perfect, with 12 different options you can press the slime bubbles and immediately enjoy the squishy noises and feelings created at your fingertips.

Collecting and Sharing

Collecting different slime and ASMR toys is a fun hobby, and it is a wonderful way to socialise with friends. Showing off your unique creations, comparing different fidget toys and discussing new combinations to make the ultimate fidget slime design!
Don’t forget to share your creations with us – we love to see your fabulous slime collections!