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Craze’ Sensations - Canal Toys USA

The Ultimate ASMR Experience!

Discover exciting sensations with pre-made compounds and mix’in decorations! Create different combinations of compounds and mix’ins for new textures and satisfying effects!

Featured Products

Craze’ Sensations Satisfying Compound 1-Pack

Create your own satisfying sensations! Combine your favorite compounds with the included mix’in pack for the ultimate ASMR experience! Each kit includes one satisfying compound like magic sand, fluffy slime, and more! For even more satisfying sensations, add in the included mix’ins to create new textures! It looks and feels so good! Squish the foam for satisfying crackling, stretch the slime as far as you can, mold the magic sand, or let it slip through your fingers!

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Craze' Sensations Mix n' Match Case

Craze' Sensations Mix n' Match 5-Pack

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