Art Lab Pouring Art Studio

Create amazing works of art with this complete, easy-to-use pouring paint studio!
Each pack comes complete with 4 blank canvases, 5 acrylic paint colours, 25ml of silicone oil, a workstation, and 7 special tools for mixing. There’s also a handy instruction guide to explain 6 fun paint pouring techniques to try!
Choose from the circular and square canvases provided, prepare your tools and paints, fit the canvas onto the tilting arm and begin creating your masterpiece! It’s so easy and fun!
You can display your art at home or gift it to someone special!
  • ALL-IN-ONE STUDIO: Everything you need to create amazing pieces of pouring paint art!
  • PACKED FULL OF CONTENT: Complete with no-mess workstation, 5 paint colours, 4 blank canvases, silicone oil, 7 tools, plus a handy guide!
  • Follow the guide to learn 6 different pouring paint techniques!
  • FUN KIDS ACTIVITY SET: Kids can enjoy hours of fun creating different works of art! A perfect weekend, half-term or holiday activity set. They can display their art at home or gift it to someone special!
  • 1 Work station
  • 4 Canvases
  • 5 Acrylic paints
  • 5 Mixing tools
  • 1 Flower tool
  • 1 Multi-function tool
  • 2 Bags of glitter
  • 1 Silicone oil
  • 2 Pairs of gloves
  • 5 Measuring cups
  • 1 Pouring cup
  • 1 Guide

Art Lab Pouring Art Studio

The Pouring Art studio allows you to create amazing pieces of art without creating a mess! Mix colours and create incredible artistic effects. Everything you need to create unique paintings in one studio, acrylic paint, canvas, tools and a guide…. read more

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